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Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest 2016

Canada’s oldest non-governmental national poetry contest honoured the memory and legacy of its first national poet Dr. Drummond with its most successful year. This year’s contest received 219 poems from 102 poets — from Victoria, BC, to St. John’s, Newfoundland. TOPS member Kate Marshall Flaherty, who judged the contest, found a very fine quality in many of the submissions. She commented that the 19 winning poems “rose to the surface with memorable images and themes that resonated.”

— David C. Brydges, Administrator

First Place

Leaving Chibougamau by Wendy Jean MacLean

Second Place

Being a Fish in Churamuri (Okinawa) by Wendy Jean Maclean

Third Place

Thief on the Ranch by Katie Vautour

Eight Honourable Mentions

  • How to Die by Suzanne Hunter
  • Spring Treason by Merle Amodeo
  • La Croix de Chemin (The Wayside Cross) by Don Bennett
  • Black Snow, Lost Light by John B. Lee
  • Monikers Debbie by Amirault Camelin
  • Old Bones by Linda S. Peterson
  • Wolf Trail by Judith Johanson
  • Lost by Roy J. Adams

Eight Judge’s Choice Awards

  • It’s Always the Last Place by Linda S. Peterson
  • The Promise by Blaine Marchand
  • Mother of the Bride by Penny-Ann Beaudoin
  • The Crone’s Shoebox: Girl Child by Charlotte Dafoe
  • Goose Calls by Deb O’Rourke
  • Wayward Goose in Winter by Katie Vautour
  • No More Words by Linda S. Peterson
  • Literature Assignment by John H.Yates