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Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest 2022

First Place

DARK TIDE by Tanya Standish McIntyre

Second Place

London’s Docklands, Pre-Gentrification by Peter Austin

Third Place

Canada by DC Reid

Eight Honourable Mentions

  • Touch-No-Matter-What by Elana Wolff
  • One More Love Affair by Peter Austin
  • Birch Island by Richard Brait
  • analogies juxtapositions things that bump together in the night-time of my mind by Carol Malyon
  • When the Hummingbirds Leave by Keith Inman
  • to be or not to be: a recipe by Daniela Elza
  • Wild fire by Michael Stacey
  • so many words by Nancy Daoust

Nine Judge’s Choice Awards

  • Hazardous Beauty by Gregory Skala
  • Reincarnation in Samois-sur-Seine Cemetery by Roberta McGill
  • In this Version by Jan Wood
  • prodigal’s return by Jan Wood
  • Hayseed Jesus by Eric Moore
  • Prayer for the Displaced of Ukraine by Louise Fairley
  • “a mother mulls her son’s self-injuries” by Dean Gessie
  • The Offering by Lea Harper
  • ON THE BLACK SISTER’S STREET by Aishat Gbadamosi